First and foremost:

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Preparation work


We hope you find some time to go through these videos, documents and tasks to prepare yourself and get a smooth start into our coach-training program.  




The Solutionsurfers Brief-Coaching Model in short


Image by Seth Doyle


The Solutionsurfers Brief-Coaching Model

A short video introduction to the 5 elements of a coaching-conversation

Image by Van Tay Media


The phases of a coaching conversation

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Instruments for the follow-up session



It would be great and useful if you could experiment with these questions and the coaching phases. So please try to find a coaching-client and have a coaching conversation with him/her. Try to adapt these questions and phases in this conversation and be prepared for some nice surprises.


Afterwards we would like to invite you to share a short reflection on our Forum about your coaching session and how it was useful for your learning.

ICF professional coaching




Here you can find the 11 coaching core competencies

formulated by the International Coach Federation.

The great thing about it is, that this paper was created

by several coaches working with different approaches

from all around the world.


So they are a kind of “model-free”.

Get a first impression about the whole paper – maybe you read it through once.

In a second phase focus on Core Competence (CC) Nr. 2: Creating a Coaching Agreement.


Reflect a moment about you and your practice:

  • What is important for you regarding the coaching agreement?

  • How do you do it – and what works best?

  • What else is important for you in this first phase of a coaching conversation?


Maybe you have some insights, questions or thoughts – feel free to post it on our Forum.

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